Top Tips for NPD Nominations

Writing and compiling National Philanthropy Day nominations can be overwhelming, so we put together a helpful check list of the Top 7 Items to Remember when submitting a nomination.

1.       While you might enjoy reading Hemingway in your personal time, writing like him when submitting your nomination is not such a great idea:
Complete, clear and concise is the way to go.
2.       Include every organization who benefits from their support :
Include your nominee's involvement in the community so your nomination will reflect the full breadth of their philanthropic impact.
3.       Three may be a crowd but it's perfect when it comes to supporting documents:
Supporting material is limited to three (letters of recommendation, newspaper articles, etc.)
4.       No one likes to be stood up:  
Nominator must confirm nominee's attendance at the awards luncheon in November.
5.       Maximize impact
Please submit only ONE nomination for each category.
6.       No one likes a double dipper:
A person or organization can only be selected as an honoree once for each category. You can view a list of past honorees on AFP-Charlotte's website here.
7.       If you didn't succeed before, feel free to try, try again:
Past applications can be resubmitted; we simply ask that you send an updated nomination form in the current format.

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