Senior Forum Program - Jason Lewis, CFRE

When: 10/15/2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Please join us for a discussion with Jason Lewis, MS, CFRE, on a new generation of fundraisers.  Jason is the author of The War for Fundraising Talent, founder of Responsive Fundraising, and Adjunct Professor at York College of Pennsylvania. Some of the topics Jason will lead in discussion include the following:

  1.  The fundraising profession is currently working its way through its messy adolescence and relinquishing some of its loyalties to other professional domains.
  2.  As the profession continues to mature, so will our understanding of what makes for the most effective supervisors.
  3.  The rising generation of new fundraising professionals will benefit from having supervisors who grasp the messy, complexity of effective fundraising.
  4.  Talented supervisors have an opportunity to ensure that this rising generation can be recognized and admired for meaningful work.