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AFP Charlotte offers two levels of job opportunities service:

  1. - OPTION ONE (Best Value):  Position emailed to AFPCharlotte email list (1500 people + posted on AFPCharlotte web site ($225 Member/$275 Nonmember)
  2. - OPTION TWO:  Position posted on AFPCharlotte web site only ($175 Member/$225 Nonmember)

Complete the fields below to post the position. Postings are live to the AFP Charlotte website in real time and delivered by email monthly until the 60-day period expires. After that time, a new job posting must be completed and the original fees paid to AFP Charlotte.

In order to promote gender and racial pay equity, AFP is leading the way and will be requiring salary ranges for all new positions posted on the AFP Charlotte Job Board effective May 10, 2021. We understand this might be a significant change for some organizations, but AFP Charlotte strongly believes this is an important shift in increasing equity, inclusion and fairness in the fundraising profession. We will suspend postings without salary information. If you have any questions, please contact

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AFP members agree to abide by a Code of Ethics, which includes agreeing not to accept compensation or enter into a contract that is based on a percentage of contributions. Members also agree not to accept finders fees or contingent fees. Members agree only to accept performance-based compensation, such as bonuses, if that compensation is in accord with the organization's prevailing practices and is not based on a percentage of contributions. Find out more about the AFP Code of Ethics.

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The Association of Fundraising Professionals-Charlotte Chapter (AFP Charlotte) provides the Job Opportunities Service as a service to the community. It is not intended to be an endorsement or recommendation for any job candidates or organizations.