Mentoring Program

AFP Charlotte's Mentoring Program is an excellent resource for new and experienced development professionals that enhances and broadens the professional's knowledge, skills set and success in the field of philanthropy. The application process takes place each spring. 

The goal of the program is to develop future leadership within the field of philanthropy, within the Charlotte Chapter and to enhance Mentor/Mentee professional achievement level. 

More information to come. Please reach out to Michelle Spreitzer, Mentoring Program Chair, with questions.


  1. To strengthen the skills of the Mentee and support professional and career development by identifying and working on specific areas of their skills. 
  2. To enhance the professional abilities of the Mentors through their efforts in guiding, sharing, and coaching. 
  3. To foster collegial relationships between seasoned development professionals and those new to the field. 
  4. To provide mid-level professionals with the opportunity to expand their skill set to new areas of development and leadership.


Key Roles in the Partnership

AFP Charlotte



AFP Charlotte will provide to our membership an effective mentoring partnership that will improve the knowledge and skill level of each of our members in the field of philanthropy. We will periodically call to check your progress and will plan skill sessions and program socials as appropriate.

The mentor will provide time, commitment, skills, experience, knowledge and wisdom to a rising professional development officer.

The mentee will provide time, commitment, skills, experience, knowledge and wisdom to become a rising professional development officer.


Categories for Mentor/Mentee

Mentors and Mentees must be members of AFP Charlotte and be working as a professional development officer at the time of application.



(2+ years of fundraising experience)

(5 + years of fundraising experience)

AFP Charlotte will consider mentee applications
without the 2+ years of experience on a case by case basis.
Please email with questions.
MENTOR Application
MENTEE Application



Participating Mentors receive 1 point per year in the service learning category of the CFRE certification or recertification application.