AFP Scholarships exist to recruit new members and retain existing members. As organizations move forward and adapt to a new normal, our goal is to assist members with the learning opportunities offered through AFP Charlotte and enhance the skills necessary to develop fundraising expertise. We want to focus on our members and keep them active and engaged in the important work of fundraising and development that we know will be so important. 

Other scholarships are available: 

Memberships (AFP Global Membership + Chapter Dues) 
This is open to prospective and current members.
  • Professional ($310)
  • Young Professional ($95)
  • Retired ($100)
  • Associate ($310)
  • Small Nonprofit Organizations ($175)
  • Professional Development 
Professional Development
This is reserved for current AFP members.
  • Webinars, courses, etc. 
  • AFP NC Philanthropy Conference (winners may be asked to help volunteer at the Conference)
  • ICON (Deadline November 1)
  • CHAMBERLAIN SCHOLARSHIP (Deadline November 1)
  • CFRE Review Course
How much money will be awarded towards each scholarship? 
  • Membership scholarships will cover AFP Global Membership as well as AFP Charlotte Dues. Applicants are encouraged to review the AFP Global membership category options to determine the best fit.
  • What expenses are eligible? 
    • Registration costs (programs, conferences, webinars, etc.)
    • Course materials 
    • We will consider hotel costs, meals, transportation for professional development opportunities on a case-by-case basis 
    • For Professional Development opportunities offered, we may award a partial scholarship.
Who is eligible to apply: 
  • Individuals who are interested in joining AFP for the first time 
  • Existing AFP members 
  • Requirements 
    • Preference is given to applicants who have worked in fundraising for at least 24 months, have served on an AFP committee or have attended at least four AFP events within the last 12-18 months since the date of the submitted application. In your application, please feel free to mention if COVID impacted your status working in fundraising in the past 24 months or if you were involved in another AFP chapter. 
  • Scholarships will be awarded based on eligibility requirements and guidelines outlined in the application 
  • Scholarship funds will be granted throughout the year until funds are depleted 
  • AFP members may only receive one scholarship per year 
  • One member per organization can receive one scholarship per category during the course of one year
  • A single organization cannot exceed three individual membership scholarships within five years
How to apply: 
  • Click HERE to submit an application online.
Timeline and anonymity: 
  • Applications will be reviewed quarterly by the Scholarship Committee and the deadlines for 2024 are: 
Friday, June 28
Friday, September 13
Friday, November 1 (ICON and Chamberlain only)
Friday, December 6
  • Applicants' names will never be shared with the AFP membership at-large unless permission is granted by the recipient. This may occur in instances of promoting the Scholarship program and various initiatives. 


Click here to submit your application. 

For additional questions about AFP Charlotte scholarships, email