Membership Benefits

Benefits to Being an AFP Global Member

There are many benefits of being part of something larger than yourself, and AFP Global advances the philanthropic sector on an international level with reports, educational opportunities and advocacy, but also has many tools and resources to make your day-to-day work much easier. 

The Tools & Templates section of the AFP Global website includes a myriad of resources that can help you in your everyday job, without recreating the wheel each time. 
Perhaps you assist in leading the Development Committee of your Board of Directors and they are interested in doing a self-evaluation. AFP Global has a template you can use to help guide your work. Or maybe you need to create more rigor around prospect and donor meetings. AFP Global provides templates to collect and create meaningful evaluations for prospects and donors. The Tools & Templates section event includes sample job descriptions to assist in the hiring of new team members or perhaps to use in preparation for your annual review.

AFP Global also has special member-only webinars and educational resources to enhance your skills from the comfort of your computer. These range from tactical concepts including relationship management, securing the gift, and event strategies, to national topics including ethics, giving trends, and racial equity in fundraising. AFP Global is equally focused on resources that help you not only as a fundraiser, but as a person and professional including self-care and career development.

We encourage each of you to maximize your access to AFP Global by relying on their extensive library of tools and resources, which include:
  • Tools & Templates
  • Hot Topics
  • Reports & Research
  • Fundraising Dictionary
  • Fundraising Effectiveness Project
  • AFP 360 for Job Resources
  • Much More!

These resources, and many others, are available as a part of your AFP Membership. The AFP Global Website requires a username and password, which is included in your membership. Bookmark the page and start using this verified and useful tool on a regular basis!